caught 2 shows last weekend

25 March 2009, 3:03 pm

Carole Kapeliela, Bob Antolin, Bud Schultz and Allen Lynn

I worked the door for Carole Kapeliela's show at Last Call Saturday March 21st.  Actually used the line "Hi, I'm your cover girl tonight. . . "  Even recovering from a cold Carole still sounded good.  Her backup musicians were fabulous.  Bud Schultz on keyboard & vibes was his normal charming self.  He worked with  my aunt June Tonkin many years ago.  Bob Antolin was on bass, sax & flute - an amazing musician.  Bud & Bob work together as the "Killer Bees" - it's a treat to see them in their matching sweaters . . . On drums with Carole for the first time was Allen Lynn.  Nice man - great drummer. Glad I was there to enjoy the show.

Dustin Lafferty

Sunday I saw 9 Pound Hammer at Engine House 9.  They had a packed house at Doyles Saturday night, so the sparse crowd at E9 was probably a bit of a let down.  We were a listening crowd tho, & enthusiastic about their music.

Jake Garrido

It had been a while since I'd heard 9 Pound Hammer.  They've added a few new songs.  All are good, but one - Sins of the Father - has real potential.  It's a duet between Dustin & Todd, and Todd uses a very high harmonica that gives a piccolo effect.  A little tweaking & it will be great.

Todd Arrighi

Dustin also sang In Another Life.  He told me he'd forgotten he'd written it & recently rediscovered it.  I'm so glad. This is a subtle love song, and haunts me more than any of his songs.  His wife cried when she first heard it.  I don't blame her - who wouldn't like to hear their husband say how lucky he is because he's "the guy that got the girl"

Good Musicians, great singers, great songs - another great show.