4 bands worth seeing this weekend

07 May 2009, 2:02 pm

Deuce taken by Carole Kapeliela

Four excellent but very diverse bands are playing this Friday and Saturday -

Friday night at the Charleston in Bremerton two Tacoma bands are in the lineup.  Deuce is a new band from University Place.  Rockers, playing a mix of covers and originals:  Austin Starr on vocals, Blaine Conzatti on guitar, Beau Kapeliela on bass and Josh Kuras on drums.  For such a young band - both in age and time together - they may surprise you with how good they are.  Blaine writes their originals and I really like "Love it or Leave"  Deuce can be found on the web at www.myspace.com/deucerockstacoma or www.deucerockstacoma.tripod.com 

Also friday night at the Charleston is Psycho 78 - my favorite punk band.  I first heard frontman Mikey Waco performing acoustic at an open mic and I became an instant fan.  His lyrics are haunting and thoughtprovoking, and he has such presence and charisma on stage. Put Davo on drums and Jay on bass and you can thrash the night away . . . Psycho 78 is also on the web at  www.myspace.com/psycho78music and www.psycho78tacoma.com

The Charleston 333 N Callow Bremerton WA

My beautiful and talented friend Carole Kapeliela will be performing jazz Saturday at Last Call in Lakewood from 5pm to 7pm.  Carole surrounds herself with the best back up musicians and it's always a great show. Besides being a wonderful singer, Carole is an amazing photographer.  She took the picture of Deuce above.

Blues musician Malcolm Clark will be at the Cliff House restaurant in Tacoma starting at 8pm.  Malcolms originals and that view - what a way to spend a few hours. . .