Lively perfomance

09 December 2009, 10:10 am

Monday night I got to be an audience to a wonderful father/daughter performance.  Lauren Lively, accompanied by her father Joel, performed an acoustic evening at O'Malleys on 6th avenue.  Lauren sounded amazing, even with the trauma of the night before (someone tried to break into her apartment - with her there. . . )  Joel is a confident experienced performer and definately held his own on stage.

The evening started with a couple duets of covers - 60's & 70's tunes, and then Lauren sang Elton Johns Your Song.  Great job Lauren!

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After a few more songs Lauren left the stage and to the delight of our table Joel perfomed some of his originals.  He is a clever, talented songwriter, proven by Fight For It, Probably, Cowboy and Better Than Me. 

It was a cold night, but listen to the music that Lauren & Joel create warmed my heart.  I hope more dates are scheduled for this pair.