Inni's is back & jazz at O'Gallaghers

12 December 2008, 12:12 pm

Mike Coucoules

Inni's in Lakewood has music again, and Mondays are acoustic open mic's hosted by Mike Coucoules.  Mike is a fascinating man and a talented musician.  This sculpter-biker-mountainclimber-photographer-artist-grandfather not only writes and performs his own material but also plays bass for various bands in the area - primarily the Malcolm Clark Band.  He is a gracious and supportive host to every performer, from the rawest first timers to the most seasoned professionals.  And he'll even sit in on the hand drum if asked.  You can hear Mike on myspace -

Innis in Lakewood 6008 Mt Tacoma Dr - Mondays at 8pm

There is now jazz at O'Gallaghers on Saturdays from 5-7.  Rich Wetzel is the driving force & is keeping the schedule filled with interesting & talented musicians.  Carole Kapeliela will be there once a month.  It would be nice if this venue became known as a music destination rather than a dangerous parking lot. . .