Ebborah at the Moondog

26 June 2009, 9:09 am


My calendar has this in big green letters: Ebborah at the Moondog in Port Orchard June 26th & 27th from 7pm - 11pm.  She is one of those energetic, amazing performers that you can't take your eyes off of when they are on stage.  Some blues, some jazz, some rock delivered with lots of energy & sex appeal (she'll kill me for that one . . . )  Great show.  She does a tribute to Tina Turner that will . . . well, go see it & find out for yourself. . .

I had dinner with her last week & she was raving about her band.  She knows how to find the cream of the crop.  This coincides with the Fathoms O'Fun festival in Port Orchard.  Craft & Vendor show, 5K race, a parade & even a scavenger hunt.



I was very disappointed in myself last night when I looked at the clock at 8:57pm & realized I had missed Malcolm at the Mandolin.  Drat!!! But not to worry - you can catch Malcolm & the guys at the Cliffhouse this Saturday night 8pm to 11pm.

And - Mocha Moo is closing but is going out with a bash.  Door prizes for its last weekend, including an acoustic Takemine.