a smattering of info

02 September 2010, 10:10 am

I haven't posted here in forever & I have missed it!!!! Schmngyfest was August 21.  Great food,  great audience & great performers!  Guitarist legend Jerry Miller joined Billy Farmer & band on stage to cap off the day. If you know Joel, or know someone who knows Joel, take advantage & get yourself invited next year.

While I was in line waiting for the pork & crab Billy Stoops whispered in my ear (a treat by itself) Junkyard Jane is holding a reunion show on September 3rd at Stonegate on South Tacoma Way.  Junkyard Jane is one of those bands you should never miss, but to have Barbara Blue & Randy Oxford with them - amazing. 

Karl Thurmond missed Schmngyfest, but for a good reason.  He was debuting his new cd on an island in Wisconsin.  Read his blog on Facebook to hear all about it.  He is still hosting his open mic on Wednesdays at Captain Jacks in Sumner.  Some of the regulars were at Schmngyfest & are well worth hearing.  I am such a sucker for clever lyrics.

Dustin & 9 Pound Hammer also host an open mic - Thursdays at Rock the Dock.  Loved watching the crowd while they perform - specially the reaction to "Power of the Mustache"  Saw one guy laughing so hard he was rolling on the ground.  This group just keeps getting better & better.